by Lady Laura

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In her debut album, JEZEBEL, Lady Laura writes about what it means to lose nearly everything that she thought defined her, and how she could rebuild. JEZEBEL chronicles this journey with only her voice and her piano to focus on what it means to really be solo and alone. The results are songs that are emotionally raw, revealing, and, in the end, empowering.

JEZEBEL is being released in 4 parts: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

JEZEBEL:WINTER is, appropriately, the coldest and darkest season in this story. It's only up from here.


released February 15, 2012

Piano and Vocals: Laura Green
Production: Matt Ryd
Additional Vocals: Matt Ryd (FREEDOM!)



all rights reserved


Lady Laura Chicago, Illinois

After losing the band she loved, and the husband she loved even more, Lady Laura is out on her own writing about what it means to lose everything she thought defined her, and how she rebuilds. Her debut album, JEZEBEL, chronicles this with only her voice & piano to focus on what it means to be solo and alone. The result: songs that are emotionally raw, revealing, and, in the end, empowering. ... more

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Track Name: In the Ground
My hands were open and wide
and they were open to you
you would have held them
but your hands were tied
so you tied mine up too.

I met a man who loved me truly
and I loved him truly too
I swore to give him
my life, my love, a future
but my hands were tied by you

And the air grew cold
and the leaves turned brown
but I still had hope
when you put me in the ground

This road I'm on is rough and winding
it's not enough to just pass through
you travelled very far to roads that crossed
and bargained
and it will come back to you

Now the world is snow
there's no green around
and I lost all hope
when you left me in the ground
digging back out
takes so much time
if I let this go
then I can climb
and grow
I'm not alone, I know...

When the flowers grow
life is all around
I'll have so much hope
I will plant it in the ground

My eyes are open and wide
and you are nowhere to be found
I want to give you a chance to be forgiven
but you put yourself into the ground
Track Name: Time & Truth
What if you changed your mind
where would I be?
what if my heart moves on
and then you feel
that you have changed your mind
and our love is real
that the answer was to be kind
and we could heal?

What if I moved today
would you keep in touch
or let it all slip away
since it hurt too much?
And what if you tried to find
me again someday
to tell me you changed your mind
but it's too late?

would you write me a letter
tell me how you feel
confessing whatever
you know is real
invite me to love you
again and again
If you send it with love
will our new life begin

What if you told me now,
would it be too soon?
I feel it way deep down
we need time & truth
and what if we take that time
and start to mend
and what if you change your mind
and leave again

would you write me a letter
tell me how you feel
confessing whatever
you think is real
reject my love for you
again and again
I keep reaching for you
I cannot give in
I promised to love you
until I've reached my end.

But I need to change my mind.

But what if you change...
your mind.
Track Name: Uh Oh... (The Bully Song)
I was brave this time around
when I saw you
I held my ground
and now you know
as my strength grows
your cowardice shows
Funny, that's how it goes
Uh oh.

It was you that made me frown
I was so scared
I couldn't tell up from down
and now you know
I wont let go
til I get what I'm owed
I should reap what I sow

And now you're gone
and my lows are highs
My powers grow
and I learn to fly
It's as though
I'm a superhero...

Still I carry this around
Stains get to heavy
once you've been in the ground
and I want you to know
that you hurt me so
but it helped me to grow
now my life's my own show

And now I glow
and you still blow
and you'll be exposed
but that's the life that you chose

Uh oh.

So be brave next time around.